Rasant Oxella Glace Thread (poly/cotton blend)


Rasant – the functional sewing thread for a wide variety of uses. Its combination of cotton covering and high-strength polyester core gives Rasant a high breaking resistance and a wellbalanced elongation behaviour. In addition, especially the coarser tickets of this thread feature a high thermal resistance. All this guarantees its outstanding performance in the sewing process and in the seam.
Its specially developed finish, its high twist purity and the functional twist design assure Rasant’s excellent sewability.
Rasant’s outstanding qualities make it the functional sewing thread for the most versatile applications. Because of its high resistance it is especially suited for use in automated, multi-directional sewing machines.

  •    top stitch thread
  •    wide variety of colours
  •    available in various M; 8, 11, 20, 25, 35

Additional information


RO815(col. number) / M8, RO1111(col. number) / M11, RO2020(col. number) / M20, RO2527(col. number) / M25, RO3540(col. number) / M40