Number 10 Moulded Open Ended Zips

These zips have a double pull slider


Our number 10 open ended zips come in a variety of lengths and are available in black, beige and white.
100 cm, 122 cm, 154 cm, 183 cm, 198 cm, 250 cm, 305 cm, 366 cm, 427 cm, 550cm and 610 cm
These zips have a double pull slider

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10MOEDP61B (61cm/black), 10MOEDP100B (100cm/black), 10MOEDP100W (100cm/white), 10MOEDP122B (122cm/black), 10MOEDP122W (122cm/white), 10MOEDP135B (135cm/black), 10MOEDP154B (154cm/black), 10MOEDP154W (154cm/white), 10MOEDP183B (183cm/black), 10MOEDP183W (183cm/white), 10MOEDP198B (198cm/black), 10MOEDP198W (198cm/white), 10MOEDP210B (210cm/black), 10MOEDP244B (244cm/black), 10MOEDP244W (244cm/white), 10MOEDP250B (250cm/black), 10MOEDP250W (250cm/white), 10MOEDP305B (305cm/black), 10MOEDP305W (305cm/white), 10MOEDP366B (366cm/black), 10MOEDP366W (366cm/white), 10MOEDP427B (427cm/black), 10MOEDP427W (427cm/white), 10MOEDP488B (488cm/black), 10MOEDP488W (488cm/white), 10MOEDP610B (610cm/black), 10MOEDP610W (610cm/white)