2KH2O Bond Adhesive / Glue (2 part water based)


This waterbased, 2 part contact adhesive meets stringent demands.

  • 100% solvent-free, no VOCs
  • High solid content
  • Very high initial cohesion
  • Bonding under very high tensions and stresses
  • Very high nal cohesion
  • High heat resistance
  • Very small sprayed quantities
  • Cost optimization
  • Very fast setting and fast drying
  • High productivity
  • Fast process
  • Low overspray
  • Simple side application (after approval testing)
  • Repositionable
  • Exclusive ageing resistance
  • Flexible joints
  • All kinds of application

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2KH2OB24R (24kg red), 2KH2OB24W (24kg white), 2KH2OB1000R (1000kg red), 2KH2OB1000W (1000kg white)

Product Downloads

Product Downloads

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