San Diego Leather

Pigmented, corrected grain
Stocked in Melbourne, minimum 1 hide


San Diego is a top grain, colour coated leather. A very liveable product with an unsurpassed ease of cleaning and long wearing life. It has a soft handle and drape and is very resistant to the rigours of every day use.

Dyeing: Drum-dyed through
Thickness: 1.00-1.20mm
Hide size: Average 3.9m2 on European hides, no brands and no hump
 Pigmented, embossed
Class: Top Grain, colour-coated
Lightfastness: 5 on blue scale
Colourfastness: 80/4 Wet 500/4 Dry

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Spanish Grey, Derwent, Greystone, Orion, Cyclone, Ash Grey, Nutmeg, Cream, Vanilla, Merino, Taupe, Mushroom, Chestnut, Cocoa, Black, Polar Ice, White, Bone, Desert, Red, Beaujolais, Port, Buttermilk, Jade, Holly, Rosemary, Olive, Cobalt, Bluemoon

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Product downloads

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